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below, i've compiled a list of some of my favorite songs of all decades.
music is one of few things that brings me pleasure,
and i hope these songs can invoke some emotion in you as they do in me.
*check back for updates.

the smashing pumpkins / the everlasting gaze

you know i’m not dead, i’m just living in my head
forever waiting on the ways of your desires
a god machine begging to tear us out
what is hell?

joy division / dead souls

someone take these dreams away
that point me to another day
a duel of personalities
that stretch all true realities
that keep calling me
they keep calling me

placebo / something rotten

it seems we're here,
i miss you something rotten.

sneaker pimps / destroying angel

so what you have the nerve to call a friend
is starved of all the sense to make amends
cause i'm the glass you break to touch
but you never want me much

nine inch nails / the becoming

i can see it killing away
all of my bad parts
i don't want to listen
but it's all too clear

jack off jill / losing his touch

i'll never have faith in you
you're rotten to the core
don't believe in you anymore

alice in chains / rain when i die

did she call my name?
i think it's gonna rain
when i die

nirvana / scentless apprentice

you can't fire me because i already quit!
throw me in the fire and i won't throw a fit

dead kennedys - i kill children

things i never ever saw before
make me see them for the shit they are

nine inch nails / beside you in time

places parallel, i know it's you
now that i've decided not to stay
i can feel me start to fade away
everything is back where it belongs
i will be beside you before long

the smashing pumpkins / silverfuck

and he was my lover, so sweet
and he was my angel
and what i’ve recovered of me
i put into a box underneath my bed
bang, bang
you’re dead
hole in your head

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